Replacement Auto Glass: Which Window Tinting Is Ideal for Your Vehicle?

If you are planning on replacing your vehicle auto glass, you should think about incorporating tints in your new windows. The tinting will limit the flow of sunlight into the interior space, protecting the surfaces from ultraviolet radiation. Also, tinted windows can boost the appeal of your car by giving it a customised and sporty appearance. If you decide to ahead with this process, you must choose the right type of tint for your vehicle. Here is a short discussion on the different tinting options as well as their pros and cons.

Dyed Film

The dyed window film will produce the darkest effect for your vehicle's auto glass. Therefore, if you are interested in this aesthetic effect, you should choose this tinting. In general, this film is produced by placing some dye in between an adhesive film and a polyester layer. The adhesive material adheres to the auto glass while the protective film prevents damage of the dye. This product is useful for protecting against sunlight and general glare. Moreover, the film is quite cost-effective. However, you should note that poor installation leads to bubbling. So, you should ensure that your installer is experienced.

Metallised Film

Metallised window film has exceptional performance properties which can boost your comfort and the vehicle's functionalities. This type of film is similar to the dyed film. Typically, the tinting elements of the products are sandwiched between an adhesive film and a protective polyester coating. However, unlike the dyed film, the metallised alternative has two tinting components. One of the films is designed to block ultraviolet radiation which causes upholstery bleaching while the other is the metallised layer which prevents heat from penetrating the auto glass. This tinting film reduces heat in addition to minimising the adverse effects of the sun. Also, the product is highly durable. On the other hand, you should note that this film has a shiny appearance which can be unfavourably reflective. 

Hybrid Film

The hybrid window film is designed to provide the benefits of both the metallised and dyed film. A typical product has both the dyed layer and a metallised coating between the adhesive and protective layers. The dyed film blocks light and manages the reflectivity of the tinting. The metallised layer obstructs heat and enhances the strength of the product. While the hybrid film can be expensive, you will enjoy longterm service. 

For the best results, you should discuss all your tinting options with auto glass replacement technicians before making your order. 

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