Car Windscreen Replacement: How Much Will You Pay?

Car windscreens are designed to last with proper care and maintenance. However, cracks and other damage are sometimes inevitable. Therefore, in one way or another, you may find yourself at an auto glass shop for a windscreen repair or replacement. Generally, several factors come into play when planning a windscreen replacement. For instance, it would help to consider the damage type, the type of glass on your windscreen, the repair duration, the auto glass company to choose and more. However, it also pays to think about the costs for your budgeting. And knowing what determines the cost of windscreen replacement is a good place to start.

Vehicle Type

The make and model of your vehicle are among the main factors that will affect your windscreen replacement cost. That's because different vehicles come with different glass types and sizes. For instance, an SUV may require a larger glass for the windscreen than a saloon car. In addition, some luxury cars require specific windscreen glasses, the cost of which may vary from their non-luxury counterparts. Typically, you will pay more for a windscreen glass meant for a luxury vehicle. Your vehicle's make, model and year of manufacture are also other crucial factors that may dictate the cost of windscreen replacement. Therefore, think about all these when budgeting for your windscreen replacement.

Glass Type

The type of auto glass you select for your windscreen is another component that will play a critical role in your windscreen replacement costs. Besides the costs, the glass type you choose for your windscreen will determine other crucial components like functionality and safety. Generally, original equipment (OE) and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) will cost you more than aftermarket glasses, with OE being the most expensive. OE glasses usually come from your vehicle's original supplier. On the other hand, OEM refers to auto-glasses manufactured with almost similar specifications of the OE auto-glass, although not from the original supplier. They are slightly cheaper than their OE counterparts but more expensive than aftermarket options. Despite their cost, OE and OEM auto glasses are preferred for their better security, durability and clarity.

Comparatively, aftermarket glasses are generally made by manufacturers who aren't affiliated with specific vehicle suppliers or automakers. For this reason, durability, security, thickness and other features tend to be of a lower quality than OE or OEM glasses. However, they can still work and are ideal if you are on a budget.

Windscreen Features

Does your windscreen have any distinguishing features? Some features can affect your replacement cost. For instance, features like shade bands, special mouldings, rain, light and condensation sensors and special tints for digital display will often attract a higher price because of the extra workmanship needed.

To learn more about car windscreen replacement, contact an auto service. 

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