Make It Last: How To Ensure Long-Life For Your Automotive Window Tinting

If you're going to invest in window tinting for your car, you want your investment to last as long as possible. One easy way to do that is to give the tint time to cure once it's installed. The curing process can take a couple of days. During that time, you should leave the windows closed. But, there are other ways to ensure a long life for your new window tinting. Read the list provided below. Here are some tips that will help you extend the life of your automotive window tinting. 

Follow the Legal Limits 

If you want to enjoy your window tinting for as long as possible, start by following the legal limits. You might not realise this, but there are laws about how dark the tinting can be on your car windows. In Western Australia, your windows can have 20% tinting on the back side, and rear windows. But, you're not allowed to have any tinting on your windshield. If you choose window tinting that goes above those percentages, you may receive a fine. You might also have to remove the tinting. To avoid those problems, know the legal limits before you have your windows tinted. 

Avoid DIY Installation

If you're going to have your automotive windows tinted, one of the best things you can do is choose professional installation. You might think that window tinting is something you can tackle as a do-it-yourself project, but that's not the case. One of the problems with installing your own window tinting is that the tint might peel or crack. DIY window tinting can also develop bubbles. Unfortunately, those issues can cause your window tinting to wear out before it's time. With professional installation, you won't need to worry about those problems. Professional installation ensures a long life for your automotive window tinting. 

Protect the Edges

If you want your new window tinting to last for more than a few months, protect the edges. This is especially important while the window tinting is still fresh. If the edges haven't completely adhered to the window, they can lift up and peel. To avoid that risk, take care when washing your windows. When cleaning your windows, avoid using abrasive scrubbers. They can grab hold of the edges. It's also a good idea to inspect the edges of the window tint often. If you see signs of lifting, schedule repairs right away. 

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