Critical Reasons for the Immediate Repair of a Chipped Windscreen

A few components in your car can afford postponed repairs, for instance, the bumper, windows mechanism and even the indoor lighting system. Notably, one of the critical car parts that should be treated with priority is the windscreen, yet most car owners leave minor chips on their windshield for weeks. Typically, vehicle owners keep telling themselves that the tiny chip on the windscreen is not a big deal. However, the truth is that chipped windshields can spread across the surface and cause cracks that might eventually blur or block your vision, thereby rendering your vehicle unroadworthy. The sooner you repair the chip on your windscreen, the better, and this article highlights the reasons why sooner is better than later.

Prevents Car Roof From Collapsing -- The last thing you expect to happen to your car roof if you have chipped windscreen is for it to collapse. It is because most people believe that the windshield only protects car occupants against flying debris. However, the truth is that the windscreen does more than that because it also maintains the structural integrity of the roof. If you have a chipped windshield that is not addressed on time, then it will grow into a crack that might lead to instability of the roof. Over time, the roof will give way because there is no adequate support structure from the windscreen. Therefore, ensure that you repair a chipped windshield on time to prevent your car's roof from collapsing. 

Ensures Roadworthiness -- All vehicles that ply public roads are subjected to tests to determine the roadworthiness. The tests range from exhaust emissions to safety defects. If your car fails the annual inspection, then you will not be allowed to drive the vehicle until any defects are corrected. Since some chips are tiny and difficult to see unless someone is up close, most motorists take their chances and present their vehicles for inspection with a chipped windscreen. It is important to note that vehicle inspections are thorough; therefore, it is highly unlikely for inspectors to miss a chip that is 10mm or more in size. Consequently, you risk not being issued with a certificate of roadworthiness if you fail to repair a chipped windscreen immediately. 

Prevents Development of Cracks -- A common misconception among car owners is that a windscreen chip is a chip, and this is why most people delay taking their windscreens for repairs. Nothing could be further from the truth because not all chips are the same -- they come in all shapes and sizes. While some windscreen chips might not turn into cracks, some will quickly spread into a crack across the surface of the windscreen. For instance, bullseye chips resulting from debris lead to cracks quickly as opposed to floater chips. If you do not know the different types of chips, then you are better off repairing the defect immediately to prevent cracks from developing.

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